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Join our brotherhood of 600+ men working to achieve self-actualization

Free Monthly Private Men’s Group

Get real, share wisdom, and give & receive support with a group of men who have your back

Exclusive Weekly Wisdom Talks

Dive deep into topics relevant to your self-actualization as a man in this world

Advanced Coaching Courses

Get back in touch with your clarity, confidence, purpose, and gifts

The belonging you've been searching for

Every month, we gather in brotherhood to discuss matters relevant to us as men, offer support and accountability for one another, and share and gather wisdom. We view coming together in community as a key aspect to being Integrated Men.

We ask that you show up on time and that you agree to honor the creed of our group, derived from Wayne Dyer: “The words that come out of my mouth must either inform, inspire, offer support, or provide humor. We say nothing if we cannot offer one of these things.”

Weekly wisdom talks exclusively for members

Each week, we offer in-depth longform wisdom talks from a philosophical, psychological, and practical lens on how to achieve your highest self. Moving far beyond the surface and transcending the trends of the moment, these talks cover deep ground that is eternally relevant, such as the masculine archetypes, the process of individuation, non-dual thinking, and much more.

Plus, you will gain access to our entire archive of previous talks upon approval into our free group.

Becoming The Integrated Man

This is it: our capstone program for the man seeking integration of all of his aspects into one laser-focused, powerful, heart-aligned, truth-seeking King. We call it, Becoming the Integrated Man. This program offers men rapid and relentless evolution over a 12 week period.

It has been meticulously engineered to help you break out of the patterns that are holding you back from your full potential, gain clarity on what your highest purpose is, and do so alongside a group of brothers who unequivocally have your back.

12 weeks of dedicated exploration, motivation, and transcendence of old ways await you when you sign on to our premier program, along with:


  • A 12 Week Curriculum meticulously designed for maximal growth
  • Weekly 90 minute live group coaching sessions via videoconference
  • Tight cohorts of 3-5 men for accountability, brotherhood, and support
  • A 40+ page thoughtfully curated and beautifully presented Course Companion Guide stuffed with resources, recommendations, and inspirations
  • Video introductions exploring and explaining each week’s topic in advance of the group call
  • One 1-on-1 personal full-length life coaching session redeemable at any point during the course
  • A meaningful, tangible, high-quality welcome gift mailed to you at the start of the course
If you engage with the program fully and give your highest effort in all that is asked of you, the outcomes you can attain include:


  • A renewed sense of your true self and your “why”
  • Elimination of vices that are holding you back
  • More robust fitness and a healthier relationship with food
  • Realignment between your core values and your actions to finally end the war raging within yourself
  • Clarity on what direction you should take and precision understanding of why it’s the right path
  • A detailed plan of action for the following 6–12 months of your life, with weekly practical action-steps, built-in benchmarks to ensure follow-through, contingency plans to pre-address potential pitfalls, and twelve weeks of momentum carrying you forward to full achievement
  • A deep brotherhood connection forged in a crucible of collective striving, self-assessment, vulnerability, and transcendence that lasts long beyond the completion of the course

Course enrollment is currently closed. Space is limited—join the waitlist to secure your spot.

What men like you say about our program:

“Being a part of this has been one of the best decisions I've made. Having the opportunity to genuinely connect with and learn from other men has been powerful. Earnestly discussing the things that we as men deal with while also receiving the encouragement to face and unlearn the things the world says a man must be — and, in its place, truly learning and understanding how you, as your own man, can be — is awesome. I believe, should you choose to start this path, you will not regret it.”

Michael H.

“Working with The Integrated Man has been an absolute life and game changer. When you take this program, you're setting yourself up for a new path, a new journey, a new chapter in your life. This is not a simple program where you create a set of goals and follow them. You challenge yourself, you push yourself, you support your fellow brothers. The pure love shown by the coaching team helped me become a different and a more authentic version of myself. They helped me to discover who I am, and still do support me months later. I highly recommend this program to any man seeking guidance, support, or brotherhood. My life was saved by these men and the other men in the program. I'm proud of the man I'm growing into and I've never been able to say that before. Thank you, brothers.”

Billy G.

“Becoming The Integrated Man allowed me to further deepen my knowledge of self and my self-growth. Highlighting both the positive and negative aspects of myself and integrating them both, this course made my highest self much more real and tangible.”

Alec S.

"If one does not know to which port he is sailing, no wind is favorable."